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Pump stroke


Length of spline


Accelerator stroke


Length of protective tube

270mm, 350mm

Fixed type

4 holes

Thickness of shell


Distance of holes


Inner diameter of fixed orifice



Rack, gear

Material of gear, rack

45 steel, after processing, quality firmer

Material of spline

45 steel, after processing, quality firmer

Material of shell

aluminum alloy

Working principle

Gear connects to handle by spline shaft, rack exercises in front and back by rotating handle, so that push- pull cable produce thrust and tension controlling the mechanical parts movement



be fit for concrete mixer truck, control pump and throttle


 top handle: locking,

 middle handle: controls throttle, when the handle turn left, the throttle gets fast, when the handle  turn  right, the throttle gets slow

 down handle: controls pump, when the handle turn left, materials will be sent to mixer. When the handle turn right, materials will be sent out from mixer


Easily operation, high strength, high rigidity, water-proof, proof rust, anti-deformation


Spline shaft is thicker than others, more wear-resisting.

Between three handles, there are sealing to water proof

Between spline and handle seat, there are three gaskets to water proof.

Adding oil injection devices, it is convenient for customers to maintain  machine,

The machine has two positioning devices, we can install the cable on left or right according to your requirement.



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