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  • Modular Armrest Box

    Modular Armrest Box

    Application scope: Suitable for various harvesters, tractors and other agricultural equipment. Products Features The GJ209 suspended armrest box is made of engineering plastics and is operated by a single handle to control the hydraulic travel system. The armrest box can be manually adjusted up and down and moved forward and backward. It can be equipped with rocker switches, electronic hand throttles, multi-load switches, sunken storage boxes, and rotating Various control units such as display brackets and electronic control handles can be customized according to customer needs.      
  • thumb wheel GJ102 series

    thumb wheel GJ102 series

    Lifespan: more than 1 million times Temperature range: -40°C~+70°C Lifespan: more than 5 million times Positioning : center automatic reyurn,center automatic return+one-way edge lock gear 2+terminal reset,gear 3+terminal reset
  • multifunctional electric control handle (both left and right hands)

    multifunctional electric control handle (both left and right hands)

    A85 multifunctional electric control handle Features: ♦Base: 2-axis, feel the same as the hydraulic control ♦Base return method: spring return/friction positioning/combination of friction and spring return ♦Base return method: Omni-directional square, cross, straight, Z, H-shaped, a variety of customizable ♦Signal output: analog voltage 0.5-4.5V, CAN, RS422, RS232, USB, etc. ♦Power supply: DC24V ♦IP65 protection ♦temperature: -40 degrees ~ +70 degrees ♦Life: the average life is greater than 1 million times
  • Single Axis Thumb Joystick

    Single Axis Thumb Joystick

    GJ100 Series Single Axis Thumb Joystick Products Description    Built with precision and high-quality components, the GJ100 joystick can provide precise and reliable control for a range of applications, such as robotics, industrial automation, material handling, and many more.This product has a comfortable grip and smooth operation.    Hall sensor is imported from Germany, linear compensation in the full temperature range, multi-point linearity correction, non-contact moving parts and sensor, long life. Products Parameter ◊ Number of axes: 1 axis, hall sensor ◊ Positioning method: center automatic return, center automatic return + one-way edge lock 0-50 one-way automatic return, friction positioning ◊ Operating angle: ±30 degrees (60 degrees) ◊ Power supply: DC5V (12MA) ◊ Signal output: Analog voltage 0.5~4.5V ◊ Operating temperature: -40°C~+70°C IP67 protection

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Established in 2003 ,Luoyang Guanjie Push Pull Cable Controller Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and trader with ISO 9001:2008 certification specialized in the research ,development and production of push pull control cable and push pull control lever .All of our products comply with international quality standards and greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. It has grown gradually with the hard effort and support from the entire team and the global customers. We will continue to work hard with high quality and good service for customers.
  • Luoyang Guanjie Flexible Shaft Controller Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development and production of electronic controllers, flexible shaft controllers, pilot valve electro-hydraulic controllers, multi-button electronic control handles, multi-way valve controllers, electronic throttles, flexible shafts for development The direction of high-tech enterprises is the leading domestic supplier of control components solutions.
  • 2023 Russian International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Guanjie will attend the Russia International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition scheduled for November 21-24, 2023. This is a very important event that will bring together manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers of agricultural equipment from around the world to discuss the latest developments and trends in agriculture technology. For Guanjie, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase its latest technologies and products, as well as a great chance to exchange knowledge and learn from industry leaders.
  • German Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is about to start The Hannover Agricultural Machinery Show in Germany is about to begin. Date:November 11-18,2023 Position number:17-A46H Guanjie invites you to visit us for guidance. Guanjie Electronic Control welcomes you!