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GJ100 Series Single Axis Thumb Joystick

Products Description

   Built with precision and high-quality components, the GJ100 joystick can provide precise and reliable control for a range of applications, such as robotics, industrial automation, material handling, and many more.This product has a comfortable grip and smooth operation.

   Hall sensor is imported from Germany, linear compensation in the full temperature range, multi-point linearity correction, non-contact moving parts and sensor, long life.

Products Parameter

◊ Number of axes: 1 axis, hall sensor

◊ Positioning method: center automatic return, center automatic return + one-way edge lock 0-50 one-way automatic return, friction positioning

◊ Operating angle: ±30 degrees (60 degrees)

◊ Power supply: DC5V (12MA)

◊ Signal output: Analog voltage 0.5~4.5V

◊ Operating temperature: -40°C~+70°C IP67 protection