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Harvester intelligent electronically controlled handrail box, customized by customer

Author:guanjie Time:2024-05-16 10:39:52

Floor-mounted armrest boxes are a common control device for agricultural machinery and have many advantages. First of all, the electric handle can be engraved as needed, so it can be operated more conveniently. Secondly, the number of buttons can be customized and can be installed according to the user's needs. In addition, the floor-mounted armrest box is also equipped with potentiometers, knob electronic hand throttle, multi-power fuel-saving switches, cigarette lighters, storage boxes and other configurations, which can better meet the needs of agricultural machinery.

The number of floor-mounted armrest boxes can be customized, and an appropriate amount can be added according to the actual situation of the agricultural machinery, and a rocker switch can also be installed to better realize the function of the machine. In terms of use, floor-mounted armrest boxes are usually suitable for harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery, which can provide a more convenient operation experience.

In short, the floor armrest box is a very good control device for agricultural machinery, which has many advantages and can provide a more convenient and efficient operation solution for farmers' work.

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