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◊ 2-4 axis Hall sensor

◊ Button: 2~6 buttons + trigger switch, imported push button switch.

◊Trigger switch, thumb wheel

◊Button color: red/green/blue/yellow/black

◊ Direction switch: 4 direction switches

◊Positioning method: spring automatic reset

◊ Operating angle: ±22.5°

◊ Power supply: DC5V, 12-24V (selection)

◊ Signal output: single sensor or double sensor (crossover) /analog voltage 0-5V/0.5-4.5V/0.3-4.7V@neutral 2.5V

/Analog voltage signal, linear V-curve + direction switch /Analog voltage signal, V-curve (middle low) + direction switch /RS232/RS422/RS485/CANOPEN/CAN J1939/USB (HID2.0) /PWM (0-500mA) proportional valve signal /Modbus master or slave

◊Life: more than 5 million times;

◊ Repeatability: less than 0.8%.

◊Material: plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel

◊Protection grade: IP65 above the panel

◊Working temperature: -40°C~+75°C

◊Proportional valve control has acceleration and deceleration, curve, Maximum current, minimum current setting function