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Yellow Sea Bus Shifting Mechanism Manipulator GJ1128

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  Shifter design

     With the development of science and technology, most machines still use mechanical brakes. Regarding the design of the shifter for passenger cars, Guanjie manufacturers introduce in detail here:
    The mechanical brake mechanism is composed of mechanical rods such as brake pedals and tie rods. It is entirely made of manpower. The design and manufacture of shifters for passenger cars refer to devices that completely rely on the transmission ratio of the transmission rod to transmit force and stroke.  
    The pneumatic brake mechanism uses the pressure of compressed air as the power to brake the vehicle. The pneumatic brake system is operated by the driver. The brake control valve allows the compressed air in the air reservoir to pass into the brake chamber. --- Directly supplied by the manufacturer, the pressure of the compressed air pushes the push rod of the brake chamber outward, rotates the cam of the brake, spreads the shoe plate of the shoe brake, and brakes the vehicle.  
   Some hydraulic brake mechanisms are powered by hydraulic oil pumps. They are powered hydraulic brakes; some rely on human power to step on the oil pump with pedals and are manual hydraulic brakes. The device is composed of a brake pedal, a master cylinder, a brake wheel cylinder, a wheel brake, a brake roller, a pipeline, etc. It is supplied to manufacturers of shifters for passenger cars and relies on hydraulic energy transmission to brake the vehicle.  
   The brake mechanism is also called the control mechanism of the brake system, usually mainly including the brake pedal assembly, return spring, balance mechanism, main force mechanism and adjustment device, etc. Whether the brake - whether the installation position and structure of the mechanism conform to the human body Engineering requirements are one of the decisive factors for whether the driver’s brakes are comfortable and whether they are prone to fatigue when driving for a long time. Parameters such as its structure and lever ratio determine the amount of pedaling force, the time and system of brake application. The effect of power is fast, which directly affects the braking performance of the vehicle. The purpose of the movement analysis of the brake mechanism is to analyze the relationship between the pedal rotation amount and the radial stroke of the brake disc movement, the pedal force and the positive pressure acting on the friction plate according to its structural form and lever ratio, etc. Does the device structure meet the designer's requirements in performance。
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