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The use of electric control box on harvester tractors

Author:guanjie Time:2024-05-06 10:00:06

With the continuous development of science and technology, smart agriculture has become a hot topic nowadays. As the core of agricultural machinery intelligence, the electronic control box is widely used in all kinds of agricultural machinery, especially harvesters and tractors.

First of all, the main role of the electric control box in the harvester and tractor is centralized control and monitoring. In the era of traditional agriculture, planting, ploughing, and harvesting were all done by manpower and livestock, and the efficiency was low. However, with the application of the electronic control box, the degree of agricultural mechanization has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of agricultural machinery has been improved. The electric control box can realize the centralized control and monitoring of all electronic equipment on the harvester and tractor, which greatly improves the degree of automation of agricultural machinery operations. With the acceleration of the process of modern agricultural machinery such as green storage machines, balers, and various combine harvesters, how to improve the standardized operation level of grain harvesting in the field, reduce the labor intensity of drivers, and give full play to the role of modern agricultural machinery in ensuring national food security. The original cable operating system of modern agricultural machinery such as various combine harvesters is modified, in order to ensure that the manual steering function of the operating system remains unchanged after modification. In addition, the electronic control box can also realize a variety of intelligent applications.

For example, on the harvester, the electric control box can realize the functions of automatic grain throwing and automatic cutting off of the header. On the tractor, it can also be intelligently matched with the tillage machinery through the electric control box, so as to improve the work efficiency. This intelligent application not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of farmers, but also effectively improves the efficiency of agricultural machinery operations.

In short, the role of the electric control box in harvesters and tractors is very important. It can realize agricultural mechanization control and automatic control, realize intelligent application, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural machinery operations. Source strength manufacturers can ensure product quality and after-sales service, so as to bring a safer and more efficient control and monitoring experience to agricultural machinery operations.