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Luoyang Guanjie Flexible Shaft Company Profile

Author:guanjie Time:2020-05-29 14:03:31

       Luoyang Guanjie Flexible Shaft Controller Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of electronic controllers, flexible shaft controllers, pilot valve electro-hydraulic controllers, multi-button electronic control handles, multi-way valve controllers, electronic throttles, and flexible shafts for development The direction of high-tech enterprises is the leading domestic supplier of control components solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

        The honors include "High-tech Enterprise", "Caring Enterprise", "Henan Provincial E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise", "World Expo China Famous Enterprise", "Luoyang Internet Business Association Vice President Unit", "Social Poverty Alleviation Model" and invention patent , More than 30 patents of utility model patents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

       Help customers quickly develop and upgrade products and promote the rapid development of the industry. Some products have advanced technology, fill the domestic gap, and reach the international advanced level.


       Luoyang Guanjie has more than ten years of experience in exporting machinery products, and has a complete foreign trade team, e-commerce team, technical team, e-commerce platform operation, cross-border cooperation and rich experience. The long-term plan of Luoyang Guanjie is: (Industry and Trade Integration. Welcome everyone to Guanjie as a guest and to discuss cooperation.


          Welcome to contact the general manager of Tang Yajie at 13603799759.

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