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Automotive electronic throttle cable throttle and works

Author:guanjie Time:2022-04-12 14:35:10

 Traditional accelerator cable (cable car) is connected to the wire end of the accelerator pedal and the throttle is connected to the other end, its transmission ratio is 1:1, that is how we use the foot, the throttle opening angle is the number, but In many cases, should not open the throttle valve so large angle, so in this case the throttle valve opening angle is not necessarily the most scientific Although this method is straightforward, but it is poor control accuracy. The electronic throttle which is controlled by a cable or harness to the throttle opening degree, on the face of the cable to replace the traditional accelerator cable but in fact is not simply change the connection method, but to the entire power output of the vehicle automatic control functions.
When the driver depresses the accelerator acceleration is required, the pedal position sensor sensing a signal will be transmitted through the cable to the ECU, ECU through analysis, judgment and issue commands to the drive motor, drive motor controlled by a throttle opening to adjust the the flow of the combustible mixture in a large load, the throttle opening large, into the combustible mixture within the cylinder and more, if only by foot down and pull the accelerator pedal to control the depth of the opening degree of the throttle valve, it is difficult to section valve opening angle can be adjusted to achieve the stoichiometric state, while the electronic throttle sensor through the ECU will collect a variety of data analysis, comparison, and issued a directive to the throttle actuator moves the throttle set to the optimum position to achieve different loads and conditions can stoichiometric ratio 14.7:1 close state, so that the fuel to combustion.
Electronic throttle control system consists of the accelerator pedal, the pedal position sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), the data bus, servo motor and throttle actuator components. Displacement sensor is mounted within the accelerator pedal, monitoring the position of the accelerator pedal. While monitoring the accelerator (car cable) Pedal height position has changed, this information will be instantly sent to ECU, ECU for the information and other data from the information system, arithmetic processing, calculates a control signal through the line to the servo motor relay, servo motor drives the throttle actuator, the data bus is responsible for the system ECU and other communications between the ECU. As electronic throttle system to adjust the throttle through the ECU, so you can set a variety of electronic throttle system features to improve driving safety and comfort, the most common is the ASR (traction control system) and speed control systems.
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