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Various combinations of seats

Author:guanjie Time:2024-04-12 16:03:03

     There are many types of seats.Suspension seats and armrest boxes follow. When adjusting the seat, the armrest box follows the adjustment for a more user-friendly design.Its joystick is operated by one lever. The header lifting, reel lifting, forward and reverse are concentrated on one control handle, and the button operation is simple and comfortable.                                                                  A display screen can be installed. The display screen is a GPS high-precision smart screen that can locate the vehicle's location. There is also a USB interface behind the screen, which can realize functions such as MP3 playback. Equipped with original 2P refrigeration and air-conditioning, the cooling effect is good and the operation in summer is more comfortable. Airbag shock-absorbing seat, upgraded to a multi-functional shock-absorbing seat, with one-click inflation and deflation, seat elevation adjustment, seat height adjustment, seat leg rest adjustment, two-level lumbar support, back support, seat ventilation, Functions such as seat heating and damping adjustment are beginning to be widely used.                                                                                                                               Seats can be customized according to needs, including color, armrest boxes, and handles.