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Foreign trade enterprises tell a good story for your products

Author:guanjie Time:2022-04-12 14:34:22

The function of  tell a good story for your products


1、To increase product or enterprise unique charm

As you write a box moving storyCan increase your product enterprise unique personality charmEspecially in such a serious homogeneity product on timeThe same product can't highlight your uniqueSo you need to tell the story of a passionate to highlight your product is different. Of course, if your product is unique, so, plus you beautiful legend story.Can increase the speed in the promotion of your product.


2、Increase the user's trust

Product marketing story can be based on the growth of the enterprise, entrepreneurship arduous struggle, the fusion of enterprise culture idea and the product characteristic, the product marketing story. At the same time, the product advantages to join the human nature, personalized care of feelings.Will greatly increase the user's trust to the product.


3、The core competitiveness of the brand

Story, there is no denying the fact that a good product marketing enterprise core competitiveness of products, in general, big brands have their own brand story, the story itself is part of the brand culture. If say, marketing story for large corporations, but the effect of icing on the cake.So, small businesses are more need marketing story. Vitality of the enterprise can through the storyline, infectious, spread to spread the brand, the use of enterprise related events, the character after the legendary stories and experiences, history and culture and myth legend story, arouse consumers' interest and resonance and improve the recognition of consumers to the brand the key attributes of a way of marketing.


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